Traditionally a model doesn't have a lot of creative input into a project like a photo book or documentary. As an artist and a model I wanted to push the boundaries with what current creative nude photography provides and challenge what erotic artistic nude photography is.

Firstly when I created the idea of an art photo book, I needed to define what type of nude photography I wanted to do and how I was going to portray the narrative.

Intention and Audience

As with any artistic project whether it be in the form of publication or media - book, zine, magazine or video documentary; I needed to define what my intention was to create the work and who would it be directed to.


One of the starting points was for me to consider the location which is a very important element. Was it going to entail me travelling to another country or could I find locations within my own country that would be suitable for the feel or emotion of the story I wanted to portray? Was the back drop going to be very simplistic and focus more on the hair, makeup, costume and expression?

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 Alf Caruana

Hair Makeup and Costume Design

Considerable time is spent on deciding hair, makeup and costume design for the photo shoot or video. Although sometimes the makeup and hair is very understated, every part of the design is looked at, not as separate parts but as a collective whole. Small details assist in adding layers to the overall feel.


In artistic nude photography the body is the focal feature, but occasionally the story can be enhanced with small details such as items that point to the time period of the piece. The use of props can add another dimension to the portrayal of the art work.

Choice of Photographer, Videographer or Artist

When a photographer, videographer or an artist requests to collaborate with me I need to discuss and consider these components so that I understand what they want to portray and can facilitate this by the final piece which is my expression and body language. I will also ask for examples of their previous work so I can define what their style is. This is most important when selecting a genre of work so that it interests the photographer, videographer, artist and me.

If the photographer is experimenting with a new genre and has very little experience in that area, I prefer to be told before the photo shoot and given another artist's photographs as a reference for the type of photos the photographer is trying to achieve. Then there is a higher chance of a successfult photo shoot as I have a clearer idea what they are aiming for.

At times the project or idea is shelved for some time until I am ready to do it at a later date.

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